sorrentohouseAmong the mountain of proof that FAKE content about me has been created by those people who purport they are genuine lies in the many IMPERSONATOR sites that were set up to disrupt what I was doing on the internet.

This is the story of MURTHAVENFLORIDA. In our family we have a tradition of naming our ranch/farmlands. In Elmira, New York our family farm was named Murthaven. When I built the home I used to own in lake County Florida, it was named MURTHAVENFLORIDA. This was in 2000.

In 2009 as the interest in the Calyee Anthony story was winding down, I announced in my Paltalk room MURTWITNESSONELIVE I made an announcement that I was creating a new room, MURTHAVENFLORIDA where the format would be changed to a general topic room dealing with the more historical and touristy aspects of Florida. MURTHAVENFLORIDATMmurthavenlivestream

This was an attempt to get AWAY from covering missing and murdered child cases. My haters would have none of this, of course, and proceeded to sabotage my efforts. They did so by engaging in the practice of domain hijacking. The process is real simple. I had spent the money to register the domain name through Paltalk as part of a promotion they had going on. The haters promptly made several IMPERSONATOR websites using MURTHAVENFLORIDA as part of the name.


justiceWhen I tried to start up my webcasts, my viewers got confused because, rather than getting linked to my livestream site and the blog that was set up as part of it, they were diverted to smear sites and impersonator sites that the haters had set up. This was in 2009!

Now for YEARS people have been going around and accusing me of making statements and comments on the internet that I did not make. It turns out that the statements and comments were done on the various internet sites that the haters themselves created.



The examples in this blog is only a SMALL sample of what it out there. There are impersonator sites that we have traced back as far as 1995 on Google and Yahoo group sites. I now understand why some of the wild accusations about claiming to be a US MARSHALL have been made. I had no idea that some of these posts existed and have no idea about getting them removed. It seems someone has been on my case for longer than I had expected and I wonder who it is or they are.

As you explore Google looking for the various websites that are out there, come to understand that a lot of them are impersonators that have been trying to discredit me for YEARS. Now why is that?

Stay Tuned