radionewzlogoThe old crow made another foolish statement yet again on her failed blog. Actually she made several. The first foolish statement it made is that law enforcement DID NOT say the PM’s were fake. Is a matter of fact THEY DID SAY THEY WERE OBVIOUS FAKES. Quite a few people have said they were fakes. There was even a CONFESSION that they were fake. Goddard has gone on record saying that she considered that MonoxideMMAC had something to do with them. Holly Briley even blamed Shortbusdude for both having something to do with them and also DOXED him thinking he was the person who created a blog admitting the pm’s were a FAKE.

My primary concern is not so much the PM’s because thanks to the careless actions of some bloggers and an inept private detective the obvious fake documents are now unable to be removed from the internet. What CAN be done, however, is that the smear blogs can be taken down. Radio and the others know the blogs I am talking about and who made them. There are also videos and images on the various blogs that need to go.

This has been my one and only goal, to get the defamatory things said about me removed from these blogs. It is one thing to criticize someone and another to destroy him for no reason. I can promise that if the disputed materials are removed, I will act as if none of them ever existed.

Want to take me up on that bet Radio?

I will be waiting