This is something of a bombshell since Michelle L McKee originally went after a woman by the name of Michelle Deveraux because she was accusing the family of Trenton Duckett of having something to do with whatever happened to him. With me, of course, she thinks I murdered Trenton Duckett. This has been her guiding force against me since Trenton vanished.

meandlaurieIn case Michelle Lynn McKee forgot their number, here is the contact information for the Leesburg, Florida City Police Department who is the primary investigative agency of the case of Trenton Duckett.

The truth is, I think what triggered Michelle’s vow to investigate Laurie is when Laurie backed away of supporting Alexandra Goddard and actually worked to expose what Alexandra has done to a number of people over the years. With the flurry of posts that Michelle is now making, it is clear that she is on a vendetta against Laurie for turning against Alexandra Goddard. This is how McKee works. If you cross her path, it is not the truth that matters, it is vengeance.

Now the closest friend of the grandmother of Trenton Duckett is under the thumb of Michelle Lynn McKee causing the family further suffering.

Stay tuned