In a twitter fest tonight Holly Briley linked to a smear blog about me that stole the name MURTHAVENFLORIDA in order to trick my friends into reading it. She seemed to think that perhaps if enough of the Anons read the blog, they might think ill of me and perhaps do Holly’s and Michelle’s bidding. Unfortunately she and those who wrote the blog forgot that they wrote about certain people that did the old yin yang when they decided whom they would pledge their loyalties from this day to the next. Within the blog is this little gem:

Now I would suggest that some of those at Anonymous might want to pay CLOSE attention to whom is being written about in this article. At the time of this article the woman was “on my side” having confessed her deception to me and another woman that had also confessed to deceptions of her own.

As time went on she decided to do the old switch yet again and went back over to the “other side.” I would reveal who this person is but she seems to have a problem with people knowing the TRUTH about her so I will leave it up to you folks to work your magic. Figuring out who this clown is should be no problem. You know her quite well.

To the subject of this blog article. Do not waste your time with another one of your stupid letters. Send it to the creator of that blog. If you had been HONEST with me, then perhaps that blog could have been taken down, but you decided to deceive and now hundreds of people are going to know about that article. Even if the article is removed, it has been copied and placed on a yet unnamed pastebin along with a DOX OF YOU by an Anonymous who has issues with your mutual friends. Go search them out or just wait until the pastebin goes up. Good luck in having it taken down.

Also, I do NOT know who the anonymous is. The anon read the link that Holly wrote, saw the article in the link and sent it to me with a guess as to who you were. He guessed correctly.  All I do know is that the ANON is quite well known by  another one by the name of AnerchistOH so he says  so you might want to send that Anon one of your letters and see where that gets you.

Stay Tuned