In her latest intimidation of me, Radio of has posted a message left to me by my girlfriend on her blog. Now really? This is valentine’s day after all. I now have to tell my girlfriend that she is no longer to post anything in public anywhere on the internet because Radio, Holly, Michelle, Alexandra and others will download what she says and put it on their blogs and twitter accounts for all to see.

These cyber bullies have no respect for anyone. What is said between friends and lovers that are personal matters should not be copied and put where they were not intended to be. It does not matter if the messages were on facebook or anywhere else. What Radio has done is bullying and abuse, period. It is a shame that she has to stoop to such tactics. All she has done is to prove that she will stalk anyone to get any information she can to intimidate and harass them.

What a piece of filth Radio is. No wonder she hides who she is. She would be shamed to the ends of the earth for the things she has done and her family shamed with her.

Stay Tuned