bashSay what??Did the crazy lunatic say what I think she said? Now my poor dog, which I no longer own, is being brought into Michelle McKee’s hate fest that has been going on since 2006. I am not sure what to make of her latest rant other than she has completely lost her mind. That would be rather hard do do since she lost it years ago.

Now for some odd reason McKee and her band of oddballs dug up an old photo among HUNDREDS in my Photobucket account and made a rather odd comment concerning what they think is a Playtex nursing bottle in the pen where I used to keep him in order to comply with a county ordinance.


What IS rather interesting is that comment. It seems that if somehow a Playtex nursing bottle does find it’s way into my dog’s kennel, it raises some kind of concern. In McKee’s warped mind she must think something is amiss. Well, if she does so, there are some options for her.

fbiThere are, of course, her fed buddies to whom she can send the photo and have them check it out. Then there is the Lake Florida County Sheriff’s office where the house at 30600 South Coronado Drive, Sorrento, Florida 32808 where the kennel was located. I am sure Michelle Lynn McKee and her looney tune buddies can encourage the Sheriff, the FBI and perhaps even the CIA to take their high tech forensics gear, their search dogs, and whatever assorted gizmos to the house along with the local media and make a day of it.


I am sure the new residents of the house would welcome this circus with open arms.

How about it Michelle Lynn McKee, are you game? Or are you the bag full of bullshit everyone knows you are.

I will be waiting.

Oh by the way, I am STILL waiting on the feds you claimed to have turned over certain files to get here or they still playing with their TOM TOM?

Stay Tuned