stayawayIt is really sad to see how pathetic and stupid some bloggers and subscribers to twitter are. Another blog post was made yet again by a rather ignorant blog owner. It again complains about what I blog about here and what I post on Twitter. What I do not understand about it and the other morons who comment on that blog is why they do not take advantage of a rather quick and easy solution to their consternation.

xIn the upper right hand corner of most pc’s is a white x with a red background. For those who are unformed, this is the exit comment to take one AWAY from this blog.

If you do not like what is in this blog, do not read the blog, do not visit the blog, do not rss feed the blog, go away, stay away.

I really cannot believe how stupid people are that they cannot figure this one out.

On the other hand, considering the actions of these people, I can see that they are too stupid to understand this simple solution.

Stay tuned