fbiOver the past few weeks, there have been a number of Anonymous members accuse each other of being a Fed. In turn Anonymous has accused Lee Stranahan of being a fed. How does one find out if there is a fed in their midst? Have any of you ever seen the tv series Cops? There have been countless times where I have seen an under cover cop be ask the question by a suspect “are you a cop?” The answer, of course, is NO. Sometimes the suspect is asked ” are YOU a cop?” Later, of course, the suspect is arrested and finds out he has been lied to. Cops, you see, are not required to tell the truth.

So, how do you find out if there is a fed in the midst of Anonymous, or, in one case, an informant of sorts that may be working with the feds or other law enforcement agency? Sometimes it is as easy as reading the history of a certain twitter account and seeing what the person brags about. Perhaps doing a DOX search of the individual’s various social media sites might garner a clue or two.

Is there a mention, for instance, of having feds for friends? There is one associate of Anonymous who brags she was placed in one position by the Deputy Director of the FBI. This same person also brags about having quite a number of connections with FBI agents and in one case has even asked one FBI agent to investigate someone she has issues with.

Now why, one would ask, would this person befriend a group of anonymous doing favors for her and her best friend? The answer might be setting them up for a sting?

nicbOne clue might be found in the tweets the person makes. The currently unemployed woman is trying to get back into her field of being a fraud analyst. Her past employment was with a national trade association that assists the Automobile insurance industry fight insurance fraud. This means this is someone who is more or less law and order oriented and would be willing to be friendly towards fighting illegal or fraudulent activities of, say, Anonymous.

This person once wrote in an e mail to a private detective in California : “

“I’ve worked with FBI, ATF, DEA, ICE, Homeland Security, Secret Service and state and local LEO’s.”

What better way to pad her resume then be the center of a major bust of Anonymous members by the FBI. It would go a hell of a long ways toward getting a super paying job and perhaps one of those “thanks for your help” plaques from the feds for her valued assistance.

I am not saying for certain that this person is a fed under cover helper, but if she is, the joke will be on Anonymous and I could use a good laugh.

Stay tuned