When certain Anonymous members are confronted about their acts of Doxing a victim, ie: posting public records about that individual, they use the excuse that it is all available to the public. They claim that anyone can get this info with a little research.personalinfo

The Anonymous member stalking me, however, says that he has found PERSONAL information on me that he has provided to other individuals. I would have to imply from his statement that he has disclosed information NOT available to the general public legally. This would include credit information, bank records, utility account information and so forth.

He was quite specific in his accusation stating that while he may not need my Social Security funds, he has provided the information to those who can obtain these funds and use them.

This is clear proof that certain Anonymous members are involved in the Big Red Rape case for criminal purposes. These people are not interested in the plight of Jane Doe or the issue of rape. All they are interested in is the attention they get as well as any money they can steal from those they dox.


Stay tuned