ANONTHREATI have been proven right yet again. A few weeks ago I made an agreement with members of Anonymous in order to avoid having the only means of income, my social security account stolen from me.

The primary part of the agreement I made with Anonymous was to remove a photo of a women who claimed to be a victim of rape. The photo was of the unidentified woman speaking at a PUBLIC rally and who has been photographed by hundreds of people there and also has her image on several Anonymous photo sites.

Anonymous, for their part, was to remove the dox off Pastebin and also was to work with several bloggers including Holly Briley, Alexandra Goddard. Michelle M McKee to have them cease and desist their slander of me and to remove all their blogs and materials they had placed on the internet. Almost Immediately, Holly Briley stated that she was not part of any agreement I had made with Anonymous. I therefore proceeded to go forth with disputing the lies she had written about me in her blog and I will continue to do so.

NONE of the other women including Goddard or McKee complied with what Anonymous agreed to even though they were the reason Anonymous intervened in the first place.

It is crystal clear that Anonymous is made up primarily of Anti American TERRORISTS and CYBERCRIMINALS who will lie cheat and steal for the sheer pleasure of it. Anonymous will destroy innocent victims just because they can.

I give this word of warning. Do not trust Anonymous, do not associate Anonymous, STAY AWAY from Anonymous.

Stay Tuned