weirtonOrdinarily I would consider such an appeal a noble effort to help a family in need. However, considering who it is making the appeal, I have to question if this is, rather than a genuine appeal to help people in need,  a scam of some sort to benefit her in some way.

My doubts about this appeal has to do with the history I have had with this woman over the past 5 years. She has done nothing but lie about and demean people on her various blogs, forums and multimedia sites.

Her central role has been to bash and demean people. Also, as an interesting side note, she has also questioned people who make similar appeals. She did this to me, twice. She called my efforts scams and went through a great deal of effort to see my efforts fail.

It seems to me that if she is so willing to call what others do as scams in cases such as this, it is because she is GUILTY of doing the same thing and thus her motives need to be doubted.

I would strongly suggest that anyone who considers participating in this appeal of hers, do so with an abundance of caution. Otherwise your good intentions may do nothing more than line the pockets of those who do not deserve it.

Stay Tuned