EQUIFAXI have just been made aware of a threat against Lee Stranahan who has been covering the Steubenville Rape case. Mr. Stranahan has become the target of Anonymous due to his questioning of the actions of certain bloggers and individuals who have involved themselves with the case.

Anonymous has issued their version of a cease and desist order stating that he would be subject to having his credit information as reported by Equifax Financial Services of Atlanta Georgia published on the internet.

NEXTSECTo prove that Anonymous can make good on their threat, A NextSec/KnightSec member published the credit report of Hunter Moore who they have targeted due to his Revenge Porn sites. Mr Moore’s complete credit information including his social security number along with his fico score was released. This is in direct violation of the Fair Credit Reporting act which states that Equifax is to have in place safeguards to prevent such access from taking place.


This is a clear indication that something is badly wrong with the way Equifax handles the secure information that is in their possession. EVERYONE has their information stored within Equifax databases as well as the other two major credit reporting agencies. That means that YOU and millions of others out there could have their identity stolen and used in the manner that was demonstrated today.

This should be a wake up call for everyone to contact their legislators and seek reforms to require all credit reporting agencies to shore up their security or suffer the consequences.

Stay tuned