mania1There once was a Ustream blog run by a rather obese woman who had the annoying habit of either letting her almost naked children run around the street in front of her home in diapers or underwear, or, in one case, claiming to duct taping them to a wall.

One day, almost three years ago, some on the chat that is next to her stream decided to post threats to send me cookies laced with a controlled substance. What was odd is that I usually did not tune into this channel as I was running my own. I was sent the screen shots of the chat as it took place.

Since this constituted a threat to my safety and those who were living at my home at the time, I decided to take the screen shots to the local Postmaster where my mail is processed. The Postmaster did not think the joke was that funny considering the events post 911 and the regulations regarding the sending of controlled substances through the mails.

I understand that a few weeks later, the owner of the website involved received a visit from a couple of postal inspectors and shortly after, the Ustream account disappeared never to be seen again. I do not know if that is true or not, but not one word has been heard from that person for at least three years.

Stay tuned