brileycnnShortly AFTER the agreement I made with Anonymous, Holly Briley took it upon herself to do a public records search of the short sale of my house when I lived in Lake County Florida.

The one thing that should be asked here is why is this Holly Briley’s business in the first place?

The second question that needs to be asked is if Holly Briley has the skills to understand what it is she garnered from the public records she published in her blog, not only disclosing my personal financial information, but disclosing my residence thus putting my security at risk since this was in the middle of a massive Doxing campaign instigated by her and others.

In her blog, she states that I made a hefty profit of over $50,000 in the Short Sale. I only wished that were true because a few people may have found themselves at the receiving end of a lawsuit notice if I had.

The simple truth of the matter is that I suffered a huge loss. I got a pittance of a settlement from the sale as provided under the government program under which this transaction occurred. This was barely enough to move what few belongings I had left to Orlando where I now live and procure temporary housing until the money ran out. If Holly had spent at least 5 minutes reading the documents, it would have been made clear that I did not make any money off of the sale of the house.

What should be drawn from the article Holly Briley wrote is that it is SHE who is the Stalker and nobody else.

In conclusion, I would suggest that Holly find other things to write about that the personal part of people’s lives. She claims to be concerned about Jane Doe and the other victims of rape, but rather than write about that, she delves into the lives of people searching out their financial and personal records and then posts them on the internet for all to see.

Stay Tuned