anonymousQuite a while back I made an agreement with a certain group of anonymous members to drop the specific issues I have with a certain group of people. As part of this agreement two things were to happen.

First: A number of blogs, youtube sites, and blog entries were to be deleted.

Second: There were to be NO MORE comments about me from these same individuals.

BOTH of these agreements have been violated commencing almost to the minute they were made.

Not only have these people not lived up to their agreements, their efforts have intensified. It is to the point where I cannot even mention something the in rebuttal to what others are saying about me that is dead wrong without one of them taking screenshots and saying I have violated an agreement they themselves are not living up to.

Not one of the anonymous has stepped forward to resolve this issue. I have been getting flooded with e-mails telling me that I have been HAD. I have been told that I have made a suckers agreement. It seems that those critics are right.

Generally when parties make an agreement there is benefit to ALL SIDES, not just one. If one has to make a concession, EVERYONE has to make a concession in order for the agreement to be fair.

I seem to be the one doing all of the conceding in this agreement. I have been silent while others have not.

I therefore give this warning. If something is not done soon to end the inequities of this agreement between the various parties, I will cease taking part in it.

So, to the parties involved and the Anonymous members who brokered this agreement  who are clearly reading this article, take heed. Fix this problem or else.

And a bit of a ps here. I went into this agreement, not to hide anything in my past as some have implied, but to protect my financial interests since one of the threats was to post my social security number, which as you all know, is a key piece of information that can be used to engage in identity theft. Since that threat, I have taken the appropriate measures to protect against whatever damage may be caused by someone disclosing that information.

I would suggest that if someone were to do the PROPER degree of research into my background, they would have found information that may have led them to conclude that it was not wise to do so in the first place.