twitterI was quite surprised to say the least to find there is a wide disagreement not only in the circumstances of the Steubenville Rape Case but also the degree people are going to to mitigate what happened to Jane Doe. It had been said that Jane Doe would be tried in court along with those charged as it will be the defense that will try and show that Jane Doe somehow contributed to her situation.

What has shocked me is that there is a number of people on twitter, some of whom are from the area and understand the dynamics of their community who question the facts of the case and are, in fact, conducting a “trial by twitter”  themselves of Jane Doe and by extension those of the social media who have come out so strongly against those who were both charged and not charged in the case.

What I have decided to is to allow those willing to do so to come to this blog and state their points. I ask those who do to please be respectful of those with whom you disagree and do not mention the names of certain bloggers and other site administrators due the agreement I have made with Anonymous.

I intend to act here only as a moderator and try not to take sides in this case. It seems that there are a variety of voices that need to be heard and I am willing to listen.

Stay Tuned