surrenderWhen I entered into the agreement with certain Anonymous members, I did so with the realization that there would be a huge price to pay. That price is that the readers of this blog, few as they were, would be angry I did so and move on to other blogs and sites where the fight against the group of haters continues.

There was another price to be paid as well. I have maintained a cordial relationship with a number of Anons who were involved in the agreement making process and had agreed to write articles based on subjects they were interested in.

The problem is that my readership has declined to the point where it is almost useless to write the articles they wanted me to write about. There is nobody to read them and thus nobody to assist them in what the articles pertained to.

The Anonymous members who had said that they would enforce the part of the agreement where my stalkers and bullies were to REMOVE the content they posted of me off their blogs and other internet sites failed to do so. Some, in fact, have told me to forget that part of the agreement and move on.

This is a shining example of who keeps their word and who does not. It should also serve as a warning to anyone else who may decide to enter into a similar agreement.

I still intend to abide by the agreement that I entered into with Anonymous. Since I am no longer burdened with the daily chore of trying to stop the lies about me, I am able to partake in other activities such as watching the history channel and the dvd’s I borrow from the nearby library.

As far as my streaming and other projects I have slated for this year, I have not decided if I am going forward with them or not. I do stream and so on, IN PRIVATE with a select group of friends I have had for decades as well as the private forums and conferences that I also engage in.

Time will tell what path I decide to take.

Stay tuned