noI have been sitting on the sidelines reading the various debates going on surrounding the Steubenville story and one comment caught my attention. It was along the lines of ” some rapes are gentile.” I may have the exact quote wrong but I still say HUH????

faultIn my book, rape is rape and is an act of violation AND violence regardless of the method used or the exact form of rape involved. It is anything done without consent.

Any attempt to lessen the degree of said violation to the victim of the rape is a disservice to the victim. This is an extreme invasion of one’s body that should not be tolerated.

The forthcoming trial will determine who is or is not guilty as well as the exact circumstances of the incident that led up the the charges being levied.

The defense is certain to try in some way to place at least some of the fault on the victim or accuser for whatever happened on that night. Unfortunately part of the defense strategy will be to mitigate the incident and that is wrong.