renoTo better understand what happened in Steubenville, it is best to understand the man at the center of the Football program known as Big Red. That man is Coach Reno  Saccoccia well known as “Coach Reno.”

From the team website comes this brief biography of Coach Reno


Coach Saccoccia was born on August 18th, 1949, in Steubenville, and is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Rinaldo Saccoccia. He attended St. Anthony’s elementary and Catholic Central High School. After high school Reno headed to the University of Akron to pursue a degree in Education. Upon graduating from UA in 1971 he was hired on as an assistant at United Local by Sam Fornsaglio. He returned to Steubenville in 1977 to join the staff of Coach Bill Bohren. In 1978 Coach Sac took over the reins of Harding Junior High and quickly put his stamp of toughness and discipline to the young Bulldogs. In 1981 Coach Robert Hedmond was given the task of rebuilding the Mighty Big Red, and brought Reno back to the Varsity staff.

In 2007 the Harding Stadium field was named in Reno’s honor, thus it became Reno Field at Harding Stadium.

At the close of the 2011 season, Reno’s record is 302 victories and 53 defeats, 22 playoff appearences, 13 regional titles, 3 state runner-ups, and 3 state titles.

Coach Reno was inducted into the Ohio High School Athletic Association Hall Of Fame in the spring of 2009.

Coach Saccoccia is married to the former Patricia McGinnis, has 3 children, and 8 grandchildren.


It would appear that Coach Reno is something of a local hero, a local superstar. This indicates that he would be a hero to the team and the staff that works under him. He is a man that commands a lot of power and respect. The question, therefore has to be, why did the rape happen and is there something Coach Failed to do that contributed to it?

The next question that needs to be asked is How well is Coach Reno handling the aftereffects of the rape and is he doing anything to prevent something like this from happening again?

In my next segment I am going to attempt to examine what makes this man tick and answer the questions regarding his actions when dealing with the rape and what may happen to him as a result.

Stay tuned