stubenvillehsWhile many of us have been concentrating on the alleged participants in the Big Red Rape that is in the headlines and those who took and distributed the horrific video of the rape victim and made the vile comments about her on twitter and other social media sites, little attention was paid to the story of someone who had a great deal of influence over these players. That person would have been their mentor, their coach.

Junior high school and High Schools are important influences in the life of a person growing up. The environment one grows up in will set the foundation of  the rest of their life.

It is the teachers and activity mentors that are around these students that play an important part in molding their character. How many of us can think of that teacher, coach, or activity director that had a lasting influence on our lives? I have a couple in my life and I think all of you can think one or two in your life that had a profound effect on you that lasts to this day.

It is therefore important to study the history of this coach during his tenure at Big Red to see if there was something that could have been done early on to prevent what happened in Steubenville.

I am going to attempt to examine this aspect of the Big Rape story to try and understand why this event occurred and what could have been done to prevent it.

Stay tuned