anonymousOne thing that people might not be aware of is that Anonymos will not only DOX you, but they will also hack into your financial accounts and withdraw the funds. I have been notified by my bank that someone is trying to gain access to the checking account where my social security is deposited.

Anonymous is doing the same thing in Steubenville. There are reports of people having their utility bills posed on line and subsequently having the utilities shut off or items ordered without their consent. This fraud is time consuming to clear up for both the customer and the institution holding the account.

In my case, it is having to notify various institutions of a fraud alert and taking the appropriate security measures.

Those out there who are praising the efforts of Anonymous might want to thank them when the various institutions start passing along the costs of fighting Anonymous fraud to it’s customers in the way of higher fees for such things as checking and saving accounts as well as interest rates on credit cards.

Stay tuned