threatontwitterThat was part of a message I got on Twitter  tonight. This in addition to the death threats I have been getting since a rather extreme smear campaign began against me recently. It seems that people are going out of the way to put my safety in peril. Why? Perhaps it has something to do with a twitter post where someone claims that Alexandra had, as of December 7th of last year, ONE MILLION DOLLARS.


Since that time, Goddard has associated herself with Rosanne Barr as well has made at least two appearances on CNN. This gives her celebrity status and makes it easier to reap the financial rewards that come as a result. Goddard also operates a Zazzle store, which sells labeled merchendise. Goddard also advertizes her commercial website right next to the blog she has for writing almost exclusively about the Big Red Rape case.

pkindleThe more recent rumor coming out of Steubenville sources is that someone carrying a “Prinnie for President” sign was reported to have been soliciting “legal expense” donations on behalf of Alexandra Goddard. There were also rumors that soliciters claimed that Rosanne Barr pledged to match any donations raised for Goddard’s defense funds. I do have to say that these are unproven rumors, but it seems odd that just after all of these rumors come to light, the smear campaigns start.

What is also coincidental is that the same woman who was photographed speaking at a PUBLIC rally, claimed I was stalking her and demanded the photo be taken down. It was right after this claim of stalking was made that someone posted the screen shot of the Million dollar Goddard Legal Defense war chest as of Dec 7th, 2012.

As more information concerning ways that Alexandra Goddard is making money off of a rape victim, the actions against me have increased in intensity. This only goes to show that someone somewhere has a lot to hide and is using me to divert attention away from the Goddard Money Gambits.

If harm should come to me, one direction people will have to look is to Alexandra Goddard and her money hungry associates.