nofreespeechThere is a twitter account holder that has started an OP against me for the so called SIN of posting the photo of a woman holding a microphone at the most recent OpRedRoll Protest in Steubenville, ohio. The excuse is that the photo, mixed in with others taken off of PUBLIC streams of the PUBLIC event was somehow harrassing a rape victim.

The interesting thing about the account holder is that she has claimed to be the MOTHER of Alexandra Goddard, the blogger who managed to get out of a Defamation of Character lawsuit filed by a MINOR.

A lawsuit, by the way that was supposed to be a FREE SPEECH lawsuit. Now, all of a sudden, their free speech stand is not that important after all.

Now where did this photo appear that has everyone so upset? On the photo gallery of my twitter account. It is not here on this blog and it is nowhere else on MY internet accounts, NOWHERE.


I have made no statements at all regarding whoever it is that is in that photograph. Also, the SAME woman that is in that photograph is seen in several other redroll photo sites. There has been NO complaint against the photographer of THOSE far higher quality photos.


The only reason for this latest stunt is nothing more than a drama fest to harass an aging unemployed truck driver with a small blog and a twitter account that nobody reads. What is real odd about all of this is that one would think with all of the involvement in the rape case in Steubenville Rape case, they would have more important things to do.

That is, of course unless they are trying to hide something that they do not want to be found out about. Something that just might piss off the leaders of the OpRedRoll movement.

Sooner or later, that little secret will come out and I cannot wait for the fireworks.

Stay tuned