mlmMichelle Lynn McKee has now put in public the proof of what I have been stating for YEARS. She is not going to leave me alone until I am DEAD. I have no no job, no money, no house, NOTHING. All I have left is the remainder of my life and she does not even want me to have that.

Michelle McKee@MichelleLMcKee

“If @MURTWITNESSONE was on fire I’d grab marshmallows & weenies & toast them over his flaming corpse”

Michelle has wished me dead many times over. Michelle McKee has told me to kill myself more than once. Michelle McKee has even called law enforcement told them she KNOWS that I KILLED Trenton Duckett. Now Michelle McKee goes to Anonymous to spread her lies to them in order to drive me to commit suicide like she has FALSELY accused me of doing to her.

This should once and for all silence those who claim if I leave Michelle McKee alone, she will NEVER leave me alone. She has made it clear, that is not to be the case.

Stay tuned