steusealEarlier this evening there were a series of tweets on an account of a prominent blogger who has been close to the Steubenville rape case. It is my understanding that she also attended the latest protest that was held in Steubenville over the weekend. She has been linked to the Anonymous group who has lead the protests and she also has connections with other prominent twitter account holders, Rosanne Barr being one of them.

Now it is a given that probably most of those in that small community know who the girl is. The problem is that by making such a huge error, hundreds of thousands of outsiders now know who she is and can link to the UNPIXELATED photograph of the half naked woman lying on her back on a floor.

In the photo was a caption that had the woman’s full name as it appeared on her twitter account that has since been removed. The problem is that is a simple matter to do a cursory internet search of the name to connect the woman to the case.

I would certainly hope that the blogger in question would delete those links off her twitter logs although it is probably too late since I had at least 6 people send me the same set of tweets from about 7 hours prior to this writing.

Stay tuned