oprahIt is amazing just how stupid some people can be. Another entertaining series of twitter exchanges demonstrates to me that someone is about to learn some hard lessons about being a public figure.


roshitlerThis dimwit and her latest handlers are at it with the tired old stalking complaint which is kind of hypocritical when one considers what she has done to me and is still doing. 

Well, as of this blog article, I am not going to mention this piece of work anymore by name. I am going to sit back and watch her rise through the ranks of fame and fortune. 

meltdownI will be watching because sooner or later she is going to climb to the peak of fame and someone is going to knock that ladder right out from under her.

As Rosanne might remind her, fame is a two edged sword. 

She is going to find out what Stalking truely is. The more famous she gets, the more that folks from places such as the National Enquirer are going to dig deep into her past and find any dirt they can find. 

hanoijaneSome day soon, I might be at the check out stand of the local Publix, and there will be photo of AUNT CRAZY on the front page of one or more of those tabaloids with one of those sensationalist headlines ” Aunt reveals disgusting blogger secrets!” Or “Was rape case blogger a German Porn star?”

I just might buy a copy.

Stay tuned