Michelle Lynn McKee left out some important details regarding the letter sent to me from her son. First of all, it was UNSOLICITED. 

Next, I DID NOT PUBLISH THE LETTER IMMEDIATELY AFTER I RECEIVED IT. It was quite a long time before I was FORCED to publish it since her son also PROMISED to try and get her OFF the internet and to LEAVE ME ALONE. 

His efforts FAILED

Her son also stated that he has been trying to get her to STOP what she has been doing to people for YEARS with no success. 

Her son also APOLOGIZED to me for what Michelle had said about me and had done to me. He stated his regret that he is unable to undo the damage she has done.

I am not going to republish the letter. It remains in my blog for all to read if you bother to look for it. The letter states the TRUTH about Michelle Lynn Mckee from a FAMILY MEMBERS perspective.

Stay tuned