It seems it takes a neutral party to set the record straight when it comes to making an ACCURATE account as to how the lawsuit was brought to a conclusion. It was NOT the winner take all victory that some bloggers and Goddard herself has implied. Her own blog even states that (for those able to read it):

“the blogger acknowledged that there is no evidence that he was further involved.”



Well, now, considering all the uproar going on all over the internet, you would think otherwise until you read a RELIABLE source give a true account of what happened. 

There was a SETTLEMENT that lead to a DISMISSIAL of the lawsuit which is fairly routine.

The Plaintiff was allowed to go on to apologize for his bad behavior and to state that he DID NOT have anything to do with the rape. 

The Defendant was FORCED to admit that he was NOT the mastermind of the rape as her posters had indicated.

The sad thing here is that if Goddard had done this in the first place, there would have been no lawsuit,

On the other hand, she would have missed out on all of the attention she is getting, which is all she ever wanted in the first place.

In all, it seems the whole thing was a waste of time as many had stated. The truth has been ignored and the apology by the plaintiff has done him no good as the harassment and stalking of him continues and looks to get worse. 

The truth has taken a bath once again.

Stay tuned