injusticeA settlement has been made between the parties in the lawsuit and the lawsuit has been dismissed. Right now Goddard is basking in the glory of victory along with those who supported her and Anonymous who are likely the reason that the lawsuit was dismissed at the request of Plaintiff council. 

The victory, however, comes at a cost. Goddard has now placed into the legal doctrine, through her legal council, guidelines as to how certain comments and accusations can be levied against individuals and groups. The “rules of the road” have been more defined as to what can be said and done on the various blogs, forums, youtube sites, chats, streams and so forth. 

In the past Goddard and others have cried STALKER! and so forth to those who offered even the slightest criticism of her and the others in regards to their actions and comments towards others. 

Because of the outcome of the lawsuit, Goddard and the others can no longer offer that claim as a defense against the posts that have and will be made. Goddard and company may not have to account for their actions in court, but they WILL be held accountable to the internet public.

2013 is shaping up to be the year of accountability.

Stay tuned