It seems that the almighty Anonymous has a problem with the first amendment. One who calls it’self Crosspoint has threatened me with an “ops” if I “stalk” the woman who called a teenager “The mastermind of a rape.” 

anonymousSandra Goddard has driven me into poverty with her own DOX using an alleged pedophile by the name of MonoxideMMAC who put ANIME CHILD PORN on a chat site that was about a child who died under mysterious circumstances. One Caylee Anthony.


Is Sandra Goddard so afraid of a truck driver she has driven into poverty for her own purposes that she now threatens further damage to me by enlisting Anonymous?

nofreespeechIt seems that way, and it now seems we know the TRUE FEELINGS Alexandra Goddard has regarding the first amendment.

It seems that the ONLY free speech rights to be afforded are those with whom ONLY SHE APPROVES of.

In the event that Crosspoint goes ahead with the threat that would most likely result in the denial of my first amendment rights, it has been a  hell of a ride.

Stay tuned (for now)