blakeThe day Michelle L Mckee ever tells the truth will be an event of epic proportions. The latest fib out of this basket case is that Shawn Blake, the atty for Cody Saltsman has been in communications with me. I wish, for I have scores of documentation to share with him.

The simple fact is that I have not had one e-mail nor tweet nor phone call from him or ANYONE from either the atty or anyone associated with the case. 

mlmI would LOVE to see the DOCUMENTATION from Michelle Lynn McKee on this one, but none will come, of course, unless she goes and makes COUNTERFEIT material as she has done in the past.

Michelle Lynn Mckee is simply not capable of telling the truth. She lies about EVERYTHING, even her own son says she is a consistent liar that he cannot control. 

Sooner or later people are going to realize what kind of a liar Michelle Lynn McKee is. It is too late for me, the damage is already done and cannot be reversed.

Stay Tuned