I had someone respond to a blog article I wrote here over on Twitter. Since Twitter is a bit inconvenient for making lengthy responses, I decided to respond here rather than with a string of responses over there, so here goes.

First of all, Amy, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Amy’s first tweet to me said this:






First, the blogger did not report the rape, she learned about the case through reading about it and local contacts. The case was far from being covered up. It was under investigation by authorities and had been reported in the local media several times before Goddard first heard about it.

Second, yes, there was a victim, that being the woman who was raped. The problem here is that Saltsman was NOT charged. Unless or until law enforcement decides to get involved, that is the way things are. Our justice system is not perfect. Should he have had charges brought against him and have been held accountable for his actions? Yes, but that is the way things are.

The answer to this perceived injustice is not defamation or terrorism through blogs or anarchist groups. The answer is through REASONED discussions and perhaps encouraging other agencies such as the justice department to bring a civil rights case against the currently charged defendants as well as others such as Saltsman for their roles in this incident. 


Her second entry went like this:amy2




As I stated above, reasoned and frank discussions about what these boys did is in order. How do we educate our youth the basic ethics we were taught growing up. I have also always had concerned about how high school and college athletes act toward their peers including those of their opposite genders.

Adults bullying teenagers is teaching them the wrong lesson and only making matters worse.

Her third tweet closed with this:



I am not sure what to make of this remark since getting the civil lawsuit dropped is the stated goal of Sandra Goddard, the ACLU and now, Anonymous.

I suspect that Saltsman may force his parents to drop the whole thing in order to escape the continued extortion by Anonynous.

Stay tuned