The latest “Executioner” has again posted the same lies when it spammed my twitter account. I say spammed because every time I block this thing, it comes back as a new username in order to bypass the block.

The first in the latest lies of this person is that I hate Alexandra Goddard. The answer is that I do not HATE her. dislike her, yes, but I do not hate her.

The person who HATES is Alexandra Goddard. The woman has PUBLICLY wished me DEAD on several occasions. Alexandra Goddard even went so far as to post that she would give a BLOW JOB to anyone in the military that would do me harm. 

Now she did say “hypothetically speaking” but only as a legal disclaimer to prevent getting into legal hot water. As to why I have had to keep writing about Alexandra Goddard and her actions, it is quite simple. She will not leave me alone. Her youtube posts, her blog posts, both public and private as well as those blogs that she hides her KNOWN internet usernames from prove that she has me as her lifetime target.

And unjustly so. Alexandra Goddard targeted me back in 2008 withe LIES about me and has not let up since. I have never met Alexandra Goddard. I only know about Alexandra Goddard what OTHERS tell me about her. I never WANT to meet Alexandra Goddard nor do I ever WANT to know Alexandra Goddard.

In short, I want Alexandra Goddard the FUCK out of my life. How does Sandra Goddard accomplish this? Use the DELETE key as she has agreed to do so TWICE and then backed out of. Agreements brokered by her SUPPORTERS. 

Now for Exeutionerver2’s next LIE:

It seems like I cannot make an OPINION on my own blog without this nutcase claiming that I am defending rapists. This Executioner person apparently cannot read. My comments have to do with the LEGAL aspects of the lawsuit and NOT with the rape associated with it.

They are two DIFFERENT issues. The lawsuit is a DEFAMATION case, nothing more, nothing less. It is not a SLAPP lawsuit as the ACLU claims. The RAPE case is a criminal case and like it or not Saltsman was not charged with anything regarding it.

Should Saltsman have been charged? I do not know the answer to that one. That is for the authorities to decide, not anarchists.

Finally there is the lie about me being “butt hurt” over the way events are transpiring regarding the rape case. That is also a big lie as I am not so much concerned over the goings on as to the path that people are taking to attain their goal.

The United States of America was founded with one of the principles of this country being that one is “innocent until proven guilty” and has a system in place to determine that guilt or innocence.

Our legal system is the ONLY one of it’s kind in the world. Yes there are some democratic legal systems, but there are differences. Our system is quite unique.

Those who choose the path of anarchy do not seem to understand that and have decided to undermine that system by taking the “guilty even if proven innocent” approach in dealing with Saltsman and the other parties to the rape case.

Today our brave soldiers are fighting to defend the principles this country is founded on.

Meanwhile, Alexandra Goddard and her supporters like Executioner2 are doing their best to undermine their efforts.

While the soldiers defeat the enemy in the middle east, the anarchists are defeating this country from within.

Stay tuned