There is a blogger who is poking fun of me and other bloggers on it’s blog by using characters from The Wizard of Oz. It seems that this blogger did not understand the point of the story or chooses to ignore it. 

So here are some cliff notes on this fable.

There were three characters, The Cowardly Lion, The Scarecrow and The tin man. Each of these characters complained about their shortcomings. The cowardly lion was a coward, the Scarecrow did not have a brain and the tin man did not have a heart, or so they thought.

As the fable wore on, events occurred while the trio along with Dorothy and her dog Toto who were off to find the Great wizard.

When they did find the wizard and exposed him, the wizard reminded each of the three who were not satisfied with themselves that they already had what they wanted.  They just did not know it.

So, while using these stereotyped images Radio is showing it’s own shortcomings by not knowing the TRUTH behind each character it chooses to use in it’s persecutions. 

ontheairIf you still do not understand what I am talking about, watch the movie AND PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO IT. Then perhaps you will know who it is that does NOT have a brain and who IS the coward and who does NOT have a heart. That person goes by Radio.

Stay tuned