tchThere was a story released in a a blog that a prominent webcaster has learned that the computer owned by Timothy Holmseth was siezed because he violated a court order barring him from certain actions toward a prominent Florida atty. 

The blogger cited “reliable sources” from the area where Mr Holmseth lives as the source of this information. 

The problem is that nobody else has been able to confirm this claim as of yet. Since this story had to do with a highly prominent Florida atty, one would have thought that a mainstream media outlet somewhere in the country would have picked up on this story. That is not the case.

I have yet to find a source within the media nor law enforcement nor the mainstream media that can shed light on the validity of this story.

Since it was after hours when I first learned of this story, I  was not able to contact the department or person who would be able to confirm or deny the seizure.

I am greatly concerned that the person who broke this story may have committed a breech of ethics by making the story of the seizure up. He is considered a journalist with ties to a national news organization. 

Because of this, he is considered a “professional” journalist and this guided by the kind of ethics  expected of someone like Nancy Grace or Dan Rather. 

For the time being I am going to give this person the benefit of the doubt until I can get the proper confirmation of the story.

I certainly hope that this story is not a hoax. It would be a severe blow to the true crime community if this turns out that a person of this person’s stature would make something like this up out of spite.

Stay Tuned