starkweather2In my earlier posts I commented on the picture that Monoxide uses for his avatar. It is supposed to portray a “tough guy” image of this little pest.

james deanI had thought the photograph was of the young James Dean. 

The photo actually is that of a rather nasty serial killer  who went around the country with his 14 year old girlfriend murdering people.

It turns out that Monoxide, instead, is something of a wimp. He is a short stocky out of shape little boy that spends most of his time cooped up in a small house with his mother posting about Mixed Martial arts. Why he strayed into the true crime forums area and getting mixed up with the Casey Anthony case is a mystery until you do some research on just exactly who he is. The other blogs that I linked to, did. 

Monoxide is one of those loners who is “a bit different. ” He is one that would cause concern for those who might have him for a neighbor. 

The fact that one certain blogger would support someone like this says a lot about her LACK of character and her disrespect for the rule of law which is curious for someone writing about true crime.

Considering Monoxide’s documented writings on rape and his abusive treatment of the female members of his forum, I find it rather odd that a blogger at the forefront of a major rape case involving a teenaged victim, would support anything that Monoxide would get involved in or materials that he would release.

In retrospect, considering her past antics and how the blogger has treated even her own family, I am not surprised.

Stay Tuned