explodePoor old Executioner has blown a head gasket again, getting a burr up it’s ass over a blog that Radio claims is only read by FOUR people. Good grief, has not that troll ever heard of the little red x at the top right hand corner? Dang, get a grip, will ya?

As for the Saltsmans, I doubt they know a thing about this blog. What I am defending is the form of justice we are SUPPOSED to have here. Ever hear of “innocent until PROVEN guilty?” 

gavelThe minor Saltsman has NOT been charged with a crime. Did he use bad judgement. Yes, by what I have seen. That said he does NOT deserve to be labeled as the MASTERMIND of the rape incident until someone is able to PROVE it in COURT.


One would think that MORON would find something more constructive to write about, but no, it has to keep writing the hundreds of articles about people it does not like. 

How pathetic.

Stay tuned