fatladySome rather confused individual on another blog seems e to think it is time for me and another blogger to “eat crow’ mainly because a newspaper has written an article on the Big Red Rape case and the Defamation lawsuit is continued until after the first of the year.

This poor soul needs to be reminded that the process has only just begun. There is a long, long ways to go before BOTH the civil and criminal cases related to the alleged rape and the blog that is being sued are resolved. It is likely that it will be MONTHS before the case is resolved and a lot can happen by then.

ojTwo shining examples of jumping the gun and calling the game are the criminal trials of OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony. The public had both of these individuals found GUILTY before the trials even began. In BOTH cases, the debate was not so much as to guilt or innocence as will the defendants will or will not get the death penalty.

caseymugshotIn BOTH cases, the public GOT IT WRONG. BOTH were acquitted completely. 

I would suggest that this individual sit back, get some popcorn and a beverage and perhaps a foot stool and relax.

It is going to be a LONG show.

Stay tuned