slappThe so called fight to preserve the first amendment rights of Sandra Goddard is a sham. The fight is nothing more than for her to be able to continue to lie on her latest blog.

ACLUOHIPThe introduction of the ACLU into this mess changes nothing. First of all, according to all that has been written, the ACLU is going to represent the ANONYMOUS posters to Goddard’s blog. NOWHERE does it say that the ACLU is going to represent Goddard or the other IDENTIFIED defendant in the lawsuit. 

BOTH of these named defendants have their own council and I have not seen anything where the ACLU is going to intervene on their behalf.

It seems that the SOLE purpose of the ACLU being involved has to do with the identification of anonymous posters and it does NOT address the issue of DEFAMATION that was brought up in the original complaint.

As for the SLAPP defense the ACLU is bringing forth, this may turn out to be a misapplied defense. MOST of these kinds of lawsuits are usually brought about by large CORPORATIONS or ORGANIZATIONS rather than ONE individual against a blog. 

It will be interesting to see how a judge, rather than a smattering of BLOGS rules on this issue. 

I have yet to find ANYWHERE, any case were an individual brought a lawsuit against a media source either social or mainstream where the SLAPP defense was used WITH OR WITHOUT the ACLU. 

If someone can find a link, I would love to see it.

Stay tuned