monoxidemmacIn the fall of 2008 a person who claimed to be part of the Anonymous hactivist group engaged in an internet hoax involving a series of “PM’s through AOL and Paltalk instant message services. A blogger out of the state of Ohio claimed to know who the person was yet failed to clearly identify the individual. 

One suspect named was a Joshua Wayne Melton aka MonoxideMMAC who was last known to live in the state of Kentucky.

About two years ago, I was sent a flash card with a large number of files on it. These files are links to information about who was behind the attacks against me on the internet and how there was dissent in the ranks of those who had attacked me and my various websites.

dominiccaseyIn some of these links that are still on the internet, is proof that the above blogger knew what was going on, knew who was behind the counterfeit chats and how these chats wound up being turned over to a private detective in an effort to imply that I murdered a still missing child.

Some of the bloggers mentioned in the forthcoming screenshots that I will provide have made it abundantly clear in their writings that they are not fans of mine. Thus these are not “friends” who are coming to my aid but DETRACTORS AND CRITICS who said things went way to far in their criticism of me and my stream site.

Stay tuned