According to an e-mail I received from a media source in Staubenville, Ohio indicates that the defendants in the rape case may already have won a victory of sorts. First since this is NOT a jury trial, there will be no chance of jury nullification either FOR OR AGAINST the defendants. The presiding judge will decide their guilty or not-guilty status and sentence them accordingly.

I had written to ask what may be the result of these defendants being tried in juvenile court:

“Murt, The kids can be sentenced as juveniles and remain in the juvenile system until they are 21, at which time they are released. If they were tried as adults, they faced thee to 10 years in prison. Mays faces more because of the second charge. Sex offenders also face a reporting requirement, depending on the severity of the charge. Usually it is reporting their address to the sheriff every 180 days for 25 years. More serious is every 90 days for life. I believe juveniles if they get psychological treatment can get the reporting requirements as a sex offender lifted when they turn 21. Hope this helps.”

Other than having their reputations ruined on the internet, it seems that the defendants, at worse, will suffer a temporary inconvenience that will disappear when they turn 21.

The rape victim, on the other hand, will be tormented with the memories of her victimization for life.

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