monoxidemmacFirst things first. I had not planned on dredging up the antics of this deranged individual but I was forced to by an Ohio woman who insisted on delving into matters she did not understand nor research. In doing so she decided to bring in the Hactivist group Anonymous and send them files without giving them the context of how they came about.MMACINTRO

The series of blog articles that will be written here are directed at them so that they can best understand the FACTS. This first article is going to introduce those readers of this blog article to an individual who claimed to be an integral part of Anonymous and who acted, according to him, with the blessing of Anonymous. 

The person I am speaking of is one MonoxideMMAC. His IRL name is Joshua Wayne Melton. He is somewhere in his mid 20’s by now. The last I knew he was in Hazard, KY which is in the eastern part of the state.

The MMAC part of his username stands for Mixed Martial Arts. Not sure where the C comes into play. The site still exists although there have been some “Deletions.

Monoxide was a refugee of, being one of those caught up in a mass banning around the middle of 2008 or earlier. This connection is important as it might explain how he came to be mixed up with me and my stream site that I had at that time.

Shortly after I started my multimedia streams after the story of Caylee Anthony broke, I became aware of some “trolls” showing up in my chats. At that time I had not been aware of the extremes certain people, labeled as trolls, would go in vandalizing people’s chat rooms, stream sites and so forth. 

It has taken me a long, long time to find out the who what where and why of certain actions against me, and the resources available to people like Monoxide and those he affiliated with.

Around this same time there were some other “people” who were allied with Monoxide, one was a character by the name of Shortbusdude, another was Murt Mania as well as a couple of bloggers, one from Ohio and the other from the state of Washington. 

These “characters” would allied themselves with others to conduct highly unethical actions for one specific purpose. To smear and destroy one individual for no other reason than jealousy. 

It took me the better part of three years to sort all of this out since I did not have the right knowledge afforded to those who carry out such actions. I had to learn from scratch. 

Until then I had never heard of the practice of Doxing. It turns out that it was this among other tricks of the trade of the hacker world that was used against me and my friends.

mmacpollmonothepedophileBefore I get into the other actions, I want to concentrate on the accusations levied against Monoxide as being a pedophile and someone who jokes around about raping a 14 year old girl and  someone who likes to spread around links to child pornography. 

My primary source of this and other articles to support those contentions is both Google links, a couple of blogs written by “confessors” and the words of Monoxide himself.

I do not, to this day, know who the authors of the blogs are. They are people who left Monoxide because they realized how demented this individual was and is. They are certainly no friends of mine as they have made clear in their individual blogs. They are also not either Chatroomcreeper nor Stinky. 

So now down to business:


In this  excerpt, the author admits that there are some pranks that are being done by Monoxide. This is also a hint that the PM’s are a set up that Monoxide had something to do with.


This post is rather curious for this reason. It has been stated over and over again that I said the things in the PM’s and that I even admitted it. So why then, would the members be concerned about contacting the POLICE at Monoxide’s urging? Why would this be “something to hold over them?”

If the PM’S content were TRUE, why would there be concerns on the part of those who contacted law enforcement? 

What if, on the other hand, the PM’s are a HOAX and by contacting law enforcement, Monoxide’s members are making FALSE POLICE REPORTS?

Florida has very open public records laws. ANYONE contacting law enforcement will have the nature of that contact RECORDED and available to ANYONE under what is known as The Sunshine Laws. It is a simple matter to file a FOIA request to find out just WHO filed these FALSE police reports. 


Monoxide used this trick to send me on wild goose chases. Some of the people he named and the proof he offered was rather convincing. Monoxide had a knack in being able to penetrate even the most private blogs. He would pretend to be one or more users on a given blog and download the entire contents of it. Most of it wound up being sent to me. There are others who did the same thing, of course, but I did not know he was the primary source until I got the flash card.


This exibit demonstrates that Monoxide was able to penetrate any web presence that this blogger had and “Troll” her. Now she may have been under the mistaken impression that she was able to block his efforts but this was not the case. He was still in her private areas long after this was posted and as far as I know, still might be over there.


lpadillaThis is where the author of the blog realized that Monoxide was resorting to use CHILD PORN to try and discredit a chat. In this case it was a Caylee Anthony chat run by bounty hunter Leonard Padilla. 

In spite of all of this, Nobody objected, nobody said anything. Monoxide remained allied to the bloggers I mentioned above for quite a long time and refused to disclose his true actions leaving me on my own to discover the truth.

The question has to be” why did the bloggers HIDE the fact that the suspect creator of the HOAX PM’s was an accused PEDOPHILE?

Stay tuned