hollycnnIf someone ever wanted to see a liar at work, one only has to read the twitter account of Holly Briley. For some unknown reason she and her internet abuser buddies are now trying to deny me my free speech rights by trying to get a twitter account I have had since  the early days  of twitter suspended.


I guess I was under the mistaken impression that Holly Briley and her cohorts were in FAVOR of FREE SPEECH. If that is the case, then why are they trying to suspend an account with a TOTAL of 15 tweets on it?


I had decided to start using my M2KFL account because every time I made even the most benign remark on my most used account, it would wind up on rss feeds and blogs of my haters.

This lasted 14 hours as of the writing of this blog.

Why, one might ask, did Holly Briley decided that NOW was the time to start a campaign to rid the internet of M2KFL?

The answer is M2KFLA.













This twitter account came onto the scene a few months ago. Since I am now blocked from that account, I can not make an accurate determination as to the exact date. I do know that it is a deliberate attempt to defame me on twitter and on my own blog where M2KFLA has posted under a number of DIFFERENT names. 

It is sad that these women have to be so petty as to try and get such a harmless twitter account banned, but this is the way they work. It is also proof that these people are NOT for freedom of speech. It also proves that the defense of Alexandra Goddard under the guise of freedom of speech is nothing more than a SHAM.

Now that I have won my little bet, M2KFL will return to PROTECTED mode. 

Stay Tuned