A certain blogger is weighing in on an entry in the Goddard Lawsuit docket concerning a DOJ letter sent to the judge in the Big Red Rape Case.


The blogger seems to think that the letter has to do with discovery requests sent to the various internet providers and cellphone companies.

To date, I have not seen ONE protest by any of the providers regarding the requests and it seems that ALL of them are going to comply and hand over the requested information.

If one would read their ISP and phone provider TOS, they would  see the entries where these companies will cooperate with requests for this information from the proper authorities. So I have a hard time thinking that this had to do with that issue.

Is the letter about federal intervention in the case or something else regarding the case? Nobody knows until someone does a FOIA request to see what was in the letter in the first place.

Those in the know that I have discussed this with say it is not common for the DOJ to get involved in a routine civil defamation case. 

The blogger seemed to be concerned about the speculation that a federal investigation was being done of Alexandra Goddard in regards to the violation of the PLAINTIFF’S civil rights or even another matter not related to the rape case.

The rumor about a federal investigation started around the time the lawsuit was filed. Sources from OUTSIDE any blog discussing the case report that there were a number of federal agents wandering around the area for two or three days.

Nothing was said about WHO they were investigating. One rumor was that it was an investigation into the violation of the VICTIM’S civil rights and perhaps the distribution of child pornography since the victim was underage and some of the photos were said to be of her at least partly nude.

There is going to be all sorts of speculation floating around this case as there has always been about all sorts of cases and events of importance. 

As time goes on, these things will get sorted out. Strange that the blogger does not seem to understand that.

Stay tuned