Rather than debate the true reason for Alexandra Goddard and the others being sued,Alexandra Goddard is exploiting the rape victim in order to save HER ass.

Now why make such a rash statement? Simple. This is a defamation lawsuit, PERIOD. Thousands of these are filed every week and a growing number of them involve social media in some manner.

The ONLY difference here is the COINCIDENCE that the Plaintiff is part of the rape case story and the defendant has a blog discussing it.

One of the things the Plaintiff is asking for is the removal of those comments having to do with him being named as the mastermind of the rape along with some other areas dealing DIRECTLY with him on the blog.

Rather than working things out with the Plaintiff, Alexandra Goddard and her supports are being obstinate and escalating the dispute, using the rape victim as an excuse in the process.

The lawsuit is not and was not an effort to close down her blog and the discussion of the rape. To say that is a lie, period.

Are there first amendment issues that are worthy of discussion regarding this lawsuit? Yes. The issue of ip information is one of them and is it time to end anonymous ownership of internet domains.

The other issue goes to when posts and comments on blogs go from being opinions to being defamatory.

What content in a website will be probable cause for a civil lawsuit?

Are Alexandra Goddard’s discussing these issues? No. All they are doing is throwing a tantrum saying that everyone wants to shut the blogger up. 

These are the issues should be discussed rather then getting sidetracked by falsely claiming that this is an effort to tell a blogger to shut up.

The ambulance chaser lawyers who have attached themselves to this case are doing the public a disservice by echoing this false premise rather than issuing the true reasons for the lawsuit and that is a shame.

The one thing that is certain is that no matter what the result of this lawsuit is, there will be a new set of rules set as to what can and cannot be said about anyone on the internet and what the limits will be for seeking recourse by a plaintiff seeking to right a perceived wrong. 

Stay Tuned