It seems that the Plaintiff’s atty has dropped a fourth defendant from the lawsuit against Alexandra Goddard.


What one has to wonder is why did the plaintiff’s atty include these individuals in the first place. One will have to see if the answers come eventually.

There are a couple of other items of interest that appeared in the new docket filings that were “overlooked” by another blog watching this case. As I expected, the Plaintiff atty is now seeking to file an order to appear through other means, namely by an ad in various newspapers.



friorderAlso, the judge has allowed the issuance of discovery subpoenas for ip info from the various isp’s of the “doe” defendants.

The defendants atty has filed a motion against the alternative notice . The Plaintiff atty  then filed a reply. Since the hearing is scheduled for the 17th of this month, the Judge is in a bit of a time crunch when it comes to making a decision. It looks like on Monday, there might be a ruling or soon thereafter.

One entry in the docket listing is a curious one. That is a letter that is from a judge for The United States Department of Justice. Now I wonder what that one is all about. 


Is this something that is routine in a lawsuit of this nature or does this have to do with reports made around the time the  lawsuit was filed of federal agents seen visiting the courthouse and other locations within the area. Time will tell on that one. 

Stay tuned