nofreespeechThis blog, whom claims has only four readers is facing being shut down, NOT by WordPress, NOT by Law Enforcement and certainly NOT by court order.

anonymousIt is in danger of being shut down by ANONYMOUS after Holly spearheaded a twitter campaign to go to Anonymous and upload to them the same tired old fiction that has been written about me since 2006.

radionewzlogoIt is not enough that I have had everything that I worked for disappear because of Michelle Lynn Mckee, Angelinflorida, Sandra Goddard and others who simply would not leave me alone.

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM knows full well what they have done to me. No matter how many times they go on the internet to DENY it, they know the truth.

THEY CANNOT LIE TO THEMSELVES. When they look in the mirror at themselves, they will know that they LIED. 

So, if this blog vanishes into oblivion in the next few days or weeks, I bid you all a fond farewell.

Good night and good luck, as there may be nothing to “stay tuned” to anymore.

William K Murtaugh