artharrisI was surfing the internet and came across a website:


This is one of these trivia websites where one can go and find out what happened to all sorts of people from the past. I went through a number of their entries and for some strange reason the name Art Harris popped into my head. It was probably due to some debates lately where his name came up.

The site has a search option where you can type in the name of someone you are interested in to see if they are listed on the site. Art Harris’s name was not there.

I found this a bit odd and decided to do some searches on the internet. The last thing I could find out about Art was from around The end of 2011 and perhaps a short time later.

I mistakenly thought he was with CNN but learned that he left there for yet unknown reasons.

I find this a bit of a shock since Art was a well known figure in the Caylee Anthony and Haleigh cases as well as a well known and famous media figure.

I would certainly like to know where Art Harris is  and how he is doing.

Stay Tuned