wtovWhen I started streaming my coverage of missing child cases it was for one specific reason.

That reason is that the mainstream media limits it’s coverage of these cases to short periods of times. This coverage is usually more intense around the beginning of the child going missing and lasts for as long as several weeks depending on the dynamics of the story.

hsolThe coverage time usually declines at a steady rate as the days and weeks drag on until the point where the coverage almost stops.

This is where the blogs, forums, and streams come into play. These internet sites can afford to cover specific stories for long periods of times. They are more closely associated with their audiences and can adapt to their audience needs and better cover the events as they transpire.

I was rather amused to see a blog BEGGING and BERATING the local tv station in Steubenville, Ohio for not informing their audience that three of the defendants in the Goddard lawsuit had been dropped from the lawsuit. The reason was that their comments did not fit the criteria that was laid out in the suit.

It is quite certain that the local population knew of the reduction in defendant numbers since this is a rather small media market and word of mouth would better transmit the news rather than a for profit TV station that has to target it’s resources more effectively rather than continue to cover what, by that time, had become an old news story.

This is where the new media comes into play. There is already a large blog with a substantial following covering this case. It is owned by the primary defendant in the lawsuit and is even more active now than it was before the suit was filed.

There are also other blogs and forums that have partnered with Goddard that are increasing the coverage of the case more effectively than one newspaper and tv station from a fairly small media market in Eastern Ohio.

cryradioRather than throwing temper tantrums about the mainstream media ignoring their side of the case, these blogs and forums would be better off using their own resources to spread their side of the story.

Lobbying the mainstream media is simply not going to work because they are not going to bend to the will of a few bloggers.

Stay tuned