OHTAGThere is an individual who keeps claiming to be a rape victim over on Radionewz.net once again misrepresenting what I said on a recent article I wrote here.

Why do I call her a fake? The answer is simple. IT is using a slight variant of my other twitter account:



This person insists that it even has a license tag with M2KFLA. A search had indicated that NO license tag ANYWHERE exists. 

This person THEN claims to have reported me for illegally obtaining this information in an attempt to get personal information as to who IT is. 

As of now, I have NOT been contacted by ANY law enforcement or government agency. 

I even sent a copy of her statement to the FLDMV along with a FOIA request for information as to any contact made with their department regarding any accusation of improper tag checks.

The agency told me that they have NO information on anyone contacting them. They are required by Florida law to keep a record of every single contact that is made to them for any reason.

What this person seems not to understand is how blogs in general work and how WordPress in particular works.

When a person either logs in or leaves a comment on this blog, their IP gets recorded. It is then an easy matter to find out where the ip came from.

uofaThe IP address not only tells me that this person is using a college to log in here but it also tells me that the person logs in here under SEVERAL DIFFERENT USERNAMES.

Now why would someone do that? Isn’t ONE username enough?

The answer is clear. M2KFLA is a FRAUD and is pretending to be a rape victim as part of a sick joke.

It is a shame that someone from Radionewz.net stoops so low as to use a     fake rape claim as part of trolling a blog.

That is, however, the kind of people that are over there.

Stay Tuned